Social Work Staff- If the individual you would like to refer has had a self-directed support assessment and would like to use their personal budget at Open Door, then please complete our referral sheet with relevant information including history, recent risk assessment, reason for referral and confirmation of panel approved budget. We will then arrange an introductory meeting with the service user to identify an action plan and arrange a start date.


Psychiatrists/CPNs/OTs - Please send your referral to the relevant social work team so that a self-directed support assessment can be arranged. Once the self-directed support assessment has been completed and the individual has a personal budget in place, we will arrange to meet with him or her regarding their attendance at Open Door. Please contact us on 0115 8761155 if you would like more information on this.


GPs - For City referrals, please send your referral to Open Door, Ambergate Rd, Beechdale, NG8 3GD (Tel: 0115 8761155). Please request a self-directed support assessment, indicating that your patient wishes to access the Open Door Project.


Self Referral - Individuals may apply to access Open Door directly, without referral by a G.P or Mental Health Team. Please contact the Open Door Staff Team on 0115 8761155. You will be invited to an informal meeting to see what we have to offer. A self-directed support assessment can also be arranged. 

Following a successful SDS award there will be a financial assessment to determine if you will have to make a contribution towards your personal budget. When you start at Open Door as a member, you will be allocated a key worker, who will help you decide which groups and activities will be most beneficial to your needs. Your key worker will then provide ongoing individual support to help you plan and work towards your recovery.

If you have any questions about our service or the referral process then please do not hesitate to contact the Open Door Staff Team on 0115 8761155 or visit

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